Dunedin, Otago

Sustainable Landscape & Ecological Restoration, Design & Consultancy


I began my career in the horticultural industry 25 years ago. I am fortunate to have worked in a wide area of the horticulture industry including nurseries, market gardens, orchards, export, land rehabilitation, landscape construction, education, recycling of green waste through composting and vermiculture, organic glasshouse vegetable production, landscape design,construction and tree care and maintenance.


I have designed and built landscapes in Australia, India, New Zealand, Colorado and California. I consider one of the highlights in my landscaping career was while volunteering with the morarka foundation i provided consultancy services to the City Palace in Jaipur and the Indian and internationally reknown Anoki clothing manufacturers, house garden.


The practices I use in my gardens today are the result of years of practical experience research and trials. Click the button below for an example of some of the research that I conducted while in India.

New Zealand National Certificate in Horticulture


New Zealand Certificate in Biological Crop Production


Associate Degree in Landscape Design


Australian Certificate in Bushland Regeneration


Australian Certificate in Arboriculture


American Certificate in Horticultural Therapy


Intro to NZ Ecology Certificate


Marine & Coastal Managment Certificate




Toni McErlane:

India Organic Farm Trial Work

Horticulturist / Landscape Designer

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