Dunedin, Otago

Sustainable Landscape & Ecological Restoration, Design & Consultancy


Need some expert advice and support in setting up your lifestyle block/small farm?


Toni's years of "hands on" horticultural and sustainable land management experience and knowledge combined with her landscape design expertise will take the worry out of what to do, where to do it, and how to do it.


Practical and easily implemented plans support a clear and relaxing approach to developing the lifestyle block that works for you. Toni's thoughtful, practical and sustainable approach to land use and problem solving make potentially hard decisions easy and obvious.


  • Water Catchment Management

  • Erosion Control

  • Weed Management

  • Land Use Designs

  • Ecologically Sustainable Horticulture

  • Land and Gully Restoration

  • Land Reclaimation

  • Planting Guides

  • Productive Food Gardens

  • Soil Conservation and Management

  • Responsible Irrigation

  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration

  • Soil Fertility Management

  • Soil Food Web Enhancement


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