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Natural Water Storm Water Solutions

Many people suffer the burdon of  dealing with either their neighbours or council roads stormwater run-off. In peak rains the volumes of water coming into properties can create mild to severe flooding and erosion.  

Forunately there are sustainable and property enhancing methods to both prevent erosion as well as using the water to create, attractive and environmentally diverse; retention ponds, dry creek beds, ponds and wetlands. If your looking for a creative solution to stormwater issues contact us and we will be happy to take a look and give some ideas of what might work for your situation.


Below are some before, and after photos of what is possible

20160607_093614 Sues Pond Construction 20160607_093611 20160612_102926 20160612_103931 Sues 2nd Stage finished

Shaping the Creek bed and ponds

Lining the creek and ponds

20160617_122435 Sues creek running into big pond

Planting the Pond in Native Water Cleansing Plants

     From Disaster to Diversity


Three months after earthworks began Green & Golden Bell Frogs now inhabit the pond!

Sues Pond 18mth later Sues Pond west view

18mths Later