Dunedin, Otago

Sustainable Landscape & Ecological Restoration, Design & Consultancy


Organic Edible Lifestyle Gardens

Garden Before . . .

. . . and 6 months Later

We work with the local climate and ecosystems to create productive organic vegetable and habitat gardens that will supply your household with nutritious and healthy food all year round while also supporting the local flora and fauna.


By incorporating  a diversity of bird, butterfly and bee attracting plants, and installing compost bins and worm farms, we create a haven conducive to symbiotic harmonious relationships among the native wildlife and ourselves.


By using permeable surfaces for pathways, patios, etc., and by diverting rainwater and greywater into the garden where possible,  we can aim to keep as much water onsite as possible, using it in the garden rather than sending it to the stormwater and into the river.


Its all good stuff!

30th ave yard Organic Vegetable Garden 30th Ave edible