Dunedin, Otago

Sustainable Landscape & Ecological Restoration, Design & Consultancy



Sustainability can mean different things in different contexts.

In context of the landscapes we create, sustainability means: 


  • Organic based soil conditioners

  • Biodegradable weed control techniques

  • Minimal use of herbicides

  • Precise plant choice for environmental conditions

  • Well proven planting techniques

  • Excellent planning

  • Mulching of all plantings

  • Locally sourced materials such as mulch and compost

  • Minimal tilage of soil

  • Promotion of organic matter content in soil

  • Well thought out erosion control techniques

  • Minimal and efficient use of irrigation

  • Thoughtful plant choices and landscape features to provide

        habitate for and encourage beneficial insects, birds, lizards,

        frogs and other helpful animals.

  • Promoting and creating permeable surfaces to maximise on site use of rainwater and to prevent run off and storm water pollution.

  • The use of plants that require little of no pruning


In other words, sustainability means a healthy and beautiful garden/landscape that takes minimal effort to maintain and impacts  the environment positively .

Toni''s Painting Waikato Landscape Gerald